Providing the Best Possible Legal Service

Criminal Law

I have over 15 year’s experience in criminal law, 12 of which were as the elected prosecutor for St Joseph County Michigan. During this time I have handled cases from simple traffic cases and drunk driving to child sexual assault and murder and was extremely successful trying them. Some of there cases have been a part of national TV broadcasts.

Family Law

Divorce is a part of life and I am willing to assist with the process. I understand that these cases can very stressful and emotional. I will ensure that this process is completed as smoothly as possible and work to give my clients the best possible outcome.

Abuse and Neglect

I am well acquainted with these cases as well. I am able to represent the parents involved in these cases as well as be an attorney guardian ad litem for the children who are involved. These cases are unfortunate and the goal is always to ensure the children can have a successful and productive future.


Kids are our the future and unfortunately they make reckless, stupid, and criminal decisions. am here to ensure that one decision will not define a child’s life, I will work with the court to make sure that the juvenile learns from their mistake and does not repeat it. This process will include advocacy to keep criminal adjudications from hampering their future.

Wills and Estate Planning

I will meet with each client and discuss their estate planning options and decide which one is the best for them. I will then prepare documents that spell out their individual wishes and will not complete the process until each client is fully satisfied with their documentation.


I am also willing to consult on other types of law and if I cannot help I will lead clients to someone who can.